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Senior Class of 2017 Top 25

Every year, Loudon High has an assembly to celebrate our seniors who are ranked between 1 and 25. We also recognize seniors who will be receiving other graduation-related honors (graduate with honors, graduate with distinction).

Friday, Jan. 20th the Top 25 for the class of 2017 was announced at a special assembly with their classmates and family members in attendance. Here are their names in order of ranking and number. This years class has three Valedictorians.

1 Brianna Baxter

1 Jessica Castle

1 Cana Massey

4 Ivee Richesin

5 Danyelle Jones

6 Hailey Rose Viars

7 Johnathon Noah Simmons

7 Katelynn Wampler

9 Brooklyn Norman

9 Mariah Small

11 Selina Renteria

11 Kendra Summitt

13 Daniel Lopez

14 Taylor Beatty

15 Hayden Richardson

16 Caitlin Jewel

17 Gladys Gonzalez

17 Vincente Gonzalez Tinoco

19 Samantha Glass

20 Nathaniel Rohen

21 Ryan Rhodes

22 Bryson Cook

23 Haley Ratledge

24 Erica Robins

25 Michael Reagan