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Teacher of the Month: Megan Senn

Megan Senn

Loudon High School Teacher of the Month

January 2017

Few first year teachers are able to come into a classroom, and win their students over as effortlessly as Megan Senn has. Her students are excited about learning, because they know Ms. Senn is dedicated to them.

The number one word used to describe Megan Senn by her colleagues is caring. Ms. Senn’s compassion for her students is amazing. According to Mrs. Callias, “the students have really taken to her. They stop by her room to check in, and are very comfortable to be around her.” Ms. Hicks stated, “Ms. Senn is always concerned more about others then she is for herself.”

Ms. Senn is always going the extra mile to ensure that her students are successful in the classroom. For example, she is always making color copies for students that do not have the resources to do so for themselves. In addition, she bought clothes for a few of her seniors, so they would be dressed for success for their senior project presentations, and do not forget her weekly stash of bananas!

Although this is only her first year teaching, it is difficult to remember what we were like before her. We are so thankful to Megan for joining our staff, and enriching the lives of our students, faculty, and community.