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Summer Reading

Assignment for Summer 2016


All students will read a book this summer from the assignment for their grade level.

Completed Reading Guide Worksheets are due on Registration Day, July 27th.


To download a copy of your grade level assignment packet click on the link list at the bottom of this webpage.


All students must complete the assigned summer reading for the grade and level in which they are enrolled for the upcoming school year.


Required books by grade and level are listed in the packet handed out at the end of the 2015-16 school year during 2nd block class.

Students must complete a reading guide worksheet for each of the required books. Reading guides are included in the packet.

Reading guides for each book are due on Registration Day, August 2016.

All students, regardless of which semester they will take English (including dual-credit students), will complete an in-class essay assessment on the first day of their English class. The assessment will count for two test grades in the English course.

Many reading selections are available digitally, and sometimes for free, through Google books or the Kindle app.


Descriptions of each book can be found online. If you are not sure what to read, Google the titles to find something of interest! 


Note to parents: We have tried to include a selection of books for each level so that all students can find something of interest to read. If you have questions or concerns about an assigned reading, please email Carter Haun, English Department Chair, at haunc@loudoncounty.org.