Loudon High School

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Monthly Incentive Awards

February 2017      
Laura Degnan
CTE Business Management
Teacher of the Month
Laura is the CTE Business Technology Teacher at Loudon High School. She is always wearing a smile on her face. Her optimism is her best quality, and she truly cares about everyone who walks in her classroom. She also has a great deal of knowledge to share when it comes to technology and you will she her happily helping teachers figure out their computer problems on any given day. Very generous towards others in need.
 Jason Goddard
Staff of the Month
Officer Goddard serves as SRO for Loudon High School. He always does what needs to be done. He's an honest and loyal member of our staff and community. He keeps us safe, he cares deeply about our school and community and he works harder than anyone on staff.
Tyler Green
Junior/Senior Student of the Month
Tyler is a senior at LHS. He has been a supporting member and number one fan of all athletic teams at our school. You can always find him sitting on the bench at every basketball game cheering on the team. His personality is contagious. He is also a caring and generous person and watches out for the well being of his classmates.
Lizzie Twohig
Sophomore/Freshman Student of the Month
Lizzie is one of the most mature, respectful students who walk the halls of LHS. She recently was accepted into the Air Force Academy Summer Program. She is an impressive young lady who will go far in life! You can always rely on her to do the very best she can in life in general but especially in the classroom.
January 2017
Megan Senn
English Teacher
Teacher of the Month
Few first year teachers are able to come into a classroom, and win their students over as effortlessly as Megan Senn. Her students are excited about learning, because they know Ms. Senn is dedicated to them. The number one word used to describe her by her colleagues is caring. She is always going the extra mile to ensure that her students are successful in the classroom. For example, she is always making color copies for students that do not have the resources to do so for themselves. In addition, she bought clothes for a few of her seniors, so they would be dressed for success for their senior project presentations, and do not forget her weekly stash of bananas!
Norbert Searfoss
Building Maintenance
Staff of the Month
Norbert Searfoss takes care of the LHS faculty, students, and staff as if they were his own family. Mr. Searfoss is always willing to help someone in need at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, he is dependable and respectful to everyone he meets. Mr. Searfoss’s professionalism has been a breath a fresh air to our school. He follows up to make sure everything is working properly, and that we are satisfied with his service. His dedication and commitment to our school is awe-inspiring. We are so thankful to Norbert for joining our staff, and taking care of his LHS family.
Kendall Collins
Student of the Month
Ahani Cisneros
Student of the Month