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SUPPLY LIST for all Digital Design Classes
Note: Students are not permitted to take 2 Digital Design classes during the same semester without permission from the teacher.
  • Check your class webpage EVERY DAY for class plans and assignment deadlines.
  • If you are absent or need to know what's going on in your class check your class website or the lesson plans attached to the class at the bottom of the page.
We Have Moved! Many thanks to all the hard work by Spring 2017 Digital Art Students!

3 Students Place in National Photo Contest

Juan lopez_LoudonHS.jpg
by Juan Lopez 
(2017 Top 100 Honorable Mention)
stephanie owensby_LoudonHS.jpg
by Stephanie Owensby (2017 Finalist)
amanda dunker_bw_LoudonHS.jpg
by Amanda Dunker (2017 Finalist)
Peyton Hensley (2014 Finalist)
by Chely Claxton (4th Place 2013)
by Hannah Reese (2015 Finalist)

Congratulations on a GREAT SHOW! Proud of you all!
THANK YOU to everyone who made this the most memorable show EVER! Great job. Many thanks to all the extra helping hands from all over the school that made the show happen.
Here are the winners:
Best Picture "T Rob Commercial": Damian Lara and Diego Vega
Student Choice "T Rob Commercial": Damian Lara, Alex McBride and Diego Vega
Best Short Film "Alone Forever?"
by Krissi Reagan and Sam Smith
Best Commercial "Coca-Cola Brothers" by Marco Mejia and Francisco Aguilera
Best News Report "Redskin Aficionados" by Eion Cannon, Max Bennett & Rodney Jones

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B-Roll Sequence Lesson Sample: Carpentry

Lesson 2 for DAD involves filming B-roll of a location on campus and creating 4 sequences with your film clips in iMovie. Here is an example of an A project using Wide, Medium, Tight and Extra Tight B-roll shots
Licenses & Certifications:
  • Graphic Communication Endorsement (711)
  • K-12 Visual Art (243)
  • Certified Digital Designer
  • Certified Kuder Specialist
  • Adobe Test Proctor