Loudon High School

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My name is Erin Dort and this is will be my second year teaching here at Loudon High School. I knew since I very young age that I wanted to be a teacher and I have been very fortunate to achieve this goal! I grew up in Northern Virginia and went to school in central western Virginia- Bridgewater College. I moved on to become a middle school science teacher in central Virginia. I loved my state and always said I would never leave Virginia. However, I am married to an engineer and he now works at the lab in Oak Ridge. I followed along and was very lucky to find a Biology job right here in Loudon! I finished a Master's in teaching Biology in May of this year as well.
I love Biology!!!! I went to school for it and even worked in the labs at the college. To get this opportunity to work in a Biology classroom is so exciting for me. And the best part? So far I LOVE LOUDON HIGH! I can't wait to continue to grow here in Tennessee and to learn more about the place and the wonderful people.
One thing I've learned since I moved to Tennessee? To fit in, just wear Orange!
Below I have attached my syllabus for all the classes I teach. I am new to this type of website creation but I will be working hard to get it all to date every week!
- Binder with 3 tabs
- Notebook paper
- Pencils and Pens