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Welcome to the LHS Culinary Arts Program!

In Culinary Arts we work hard and play hard! We cater special events, volunteer in our community, provide lunches to our teachers and students each Friday,
AND eat lots of good food.
Get ready to have some FUN! Check out the events we have done so far and follow our social media pages!
I am excited you are here!
-Mrs. Thomas

Class supplies:

Each student will need to be prepared for class daily. A spiral notebook and pen or pencil is mandatory for everyone to be prepared each day for possible notes in class. There is also a $25 course fee for each child. If the student is unable to fulfill this request, a parent may email me at [email protected].


Classwork and Classroom Rules:

A Safety and Sanitation test must be passed with a score of a 100% to participate in this course. The first 2 weeks of this semester is devoted to the focus of each student passing this test. If a student cannot pass the Safety and Sanitation test, they will be removed from the class. Consecutive failed tests or uncompleted assignments (including daily tasks and effort during lab days) will result in the student being removed from participating in lab days. Other possible grade options will be bookwork assignments, or the student can be placed on dish duty. This is at the teacher’s discretion based on the lab activity for the day.



-No ear buds are allowed in the classroom EVER.

-Must always have a pair of closed toes shoes, pants, and hair rubber band on hand for lab days.

-Cell phones are used MINIMALLY in this classroom due to health code restrictions. The cell phone must remain in a pocket or backpack.


Lab days:

Lab days cannot be made up if a student is absent- Lab days involve food and cannot be redone once the day has passed. (Unless excused)

The grading for a lab day is also based off of effort and abilities, outcome of the student’s lab, and turned in paperwork of lab reflections. It is very important that Culinary Arts students take pride in their labs especially when providing quality products for our customers. Students must take every lab seriously. Laziness, bad attitudes, uncleanliness, or unprofessional behavior will result in a ZERO for lab grades for the day.


Daily Tasks:

Each student is assigned a Daily Task at the beginning of each semester. Most students will have a partner, some students may not. Daily tasks mimic tasks that are in the restaurant industry such as setting up the 3-compartment sink to industry code, making sani-buckets to code, sanitizing equipment, sanitizing our personal café, etc. Everyday students are responsible for completing their daily task properly and getting their work checked by either the teacher or the peer tutor, and then getting signed off. Failure to do the task AND get signed off will result in a ZERO for the daily task grade. You must be signed if you have done your task to get your grade; this is the same as in industry. Daily task grades are worth 20 points per day. 


Semester Events:

Each semester our Culinary Arts Program is hired to cater several events. Once the schedule is established the calendar is posted with sign up options. I will announce to the class when the calendar is ready. The sign-ups are based on seniority. Starting with Culinary IV and working down to Culinary I.

IT IS MANDATORY for each student is to work at least one event per semester. This will count as large grade in Skyward towards the end of the semester regardless of what point you work your event in the semester. This will also show up again as a final exam grade. You must work an event even if you are exempt.


Social media:

Our class social media pages are a big part of our class. This helps us communicate to the student body the exciting creations that Culinary Arts is making, advertise sales, and basically just brag! Every student is encouraged to follow the pages. Parents are encouraged to follow too! You may see your child on there often!



Facebook- @LHSCulinary

Instagram- @LHS_WhippedUp



In the rare circumstance that homework is given, it will be due at the beginning of class, on the assigned due date. Points will be deducted if late. After the end of the week homework was assigned in, 0 credit will be given if not turned in.



Students are expected and required to be in class on time, prepared, and ready to begin when the bell rings. A bell ringer will be given during the first few minutes of the class. If the bell ringer is missed due to being tardy it cannot be made up. Tardies will be handled according to the student handbook.



Any students suffering from a food allergy must inform Mrs. Thomas. This will be compared to school documentation. Dislike of a particular food is NOT an allergy. If this course is taken, be prepared to try EVERYTHING at least once. No exceptions. This will be factored into the student’s grades.



Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Culinary Arts teacher and students are required to take extra safety measures and precautions in this course. At all times the students must wear a facemask and some class duties will require disposable gloves. Both masks and gloves are provided for the students in the Culinary Arts classrooms. Please understand that these guidelines are not optional and are required to participate in this class. It is our goal to keep all our students and our guests healthy!

Our Culinary Arts classes use a variety of sources to fuel our inspiration and education. MasterChef Jr, Restaurant Impossible, and Halloween Wars are the most commonly used video resources. We also experiment with recipe ideas from Pinterest and our classroom cookbooks.