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LHS Golf Team
This page will be updated regularly with information about the golf team.  Golf team members, parents, fans, and visitors can check here to see what is going on with the LHS Golf Team.  Our home course is Toqua Golf Club in Tellico Village.
Coach: David Cherry
The 2021 Season is complete. We became District 4 Champs on Monday, September 20.  We became Region 2 Runner-Up on Tuesday, September 28.  And, Logan Oody played in the Division 1, Class A State Tournament as an individual, finishing 23rd on October 8.
As we look forward to the 2022 season, anyone interested in joining the team for 2022 can contact Coach Cherry or any golf team member.
We are always looking for sponsors for the team.  Please see the Sponsor Form for more information.
Please contact Coach Cherry or the school for more information. 

2021 Team Members


Ben MacKintosh - 9th Grade - 1st year

Logan Oody - 12th Grade - 4th year

Parker Rolen - 11th Grade - 2nd year

James Ross - 11th Grade - 3rd year

Isaac Thompson - 12th Grade - 4th year

Will Young - 12th Grade - 1st year



2021 LHS Golf Sponsors

(By Level, player in parenthesis)


Double Eagle ($200 and up)

Mike & Diann Crompton (Ross)

Ford, Nichols & Frye (Ross)

Mark & Elizabeth Kemp (Young)

Loudon Funeral Home and Cremations (Rolen)

Loudon County Convenience Center (Team)

Scott Mackintosh (Mackintosh)

Tony Thompson/Shannon Thompson (Thompson)


Eagle ($100 - $199)

The Bookouts (Ross)

Felch Family (Ross)

Tom & Beth Sweeney (Ross)

Tennessee National Women (Ross)


Birdie ($50 - $99)

Anonomous (Oody)

Sara Chihasz (Oody)

Dave & Donna Hall (Ross)

Susan Harrison (Oody)

Judy & Sam Keen (Ross)

David Meers (Oody)

Alicia and Gandi Vaughn (Ross)


Par ($25 - $49)

Angela Carlisle (Ross)

Evelyn Carlisle (Ross)

Ashley Shudan (Oody)


Tee (up to $24)

Mike Brown (Oody)