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Academy Awards Show

Congratulations to the Winners, the Band and the Crew for a great show
Hosts: Isaac Chavez, Isabela Correa, Aaden Montooth • Band: Jason Hughes, Brett Ewert, Wyatt Davis, Kendra Brown, Oliver Reyes, Brayden Kramer, Ben MacKintosh • Show Team: Nolan Bethel, Aaron Fink, Jenny Espinoza, Andrea Lopez, Alexandra Lopez, Giovanni Gonzalez, Andrew Campbell, Drew Schmieder, Autumn Vickers, Edan Akin, Haley Bartholomew.

Best Picture “Behind You” Haley McNally, Cassie, Gentry Chloe Holt, Karissa Sharp
Anna Harrison - Best Actress "Rockell"
Skylar Gray Winner Best Actor "Family Feud"
Student Choice “Family Feud” Ja’neah Bowen, Skylar Gray, Marco Cisneros, Chloe Cannon
18th Annual LHS Academy Award Winners 2021- Congratulations everyone!
Awards Show Crew: Luke, Chase, Lillie, Jonah, Zach, Erick & Daniel
Best Picture - Shoof Sauce
Ben, Bradyn, Abby, Briley, Bailey, Santos, Drew
Best Actor - Troy Lee
Student Choice - Loudon Nine Nine
Troy, Casey, Connor, Aaron, Ben, Dawson, Jacob and Eli
Show Crew
Show Crew from L to R: Zach, Erik, Daniel, Sean, Zoe, Charles, Landon, Adolfo, Jaden, Danielle, Casey, Courtney
Congratulations to the Show Crew and the winners for this years awards show.
Special shout out to our hosts Zoe Adams, Landon Mallo and Charles Hompesh
Best Picture:
Coach Roberts Tribute by Adolfo Nicolas
Best Short film:
Direct TV Commercial by Malachi Kelsay
Student Choice:
High School Musical by Sarah Hood & Saydey Griffin
Best Actor:
Jonah Davis
Best Actress:
Yareli Gonzalez

16th Annual LHS Academy Awards Show - Fall 2019

Click here to watch films from the show

This years show was hosted by seniors Jacob Mallory, Delaney Ingram and Makayla Nealy. Featuring films by Digital Design Students nominated for the 15th Annual LHS Academy Awards Show. This years show theme was Redskin Athletics in honor of the District and Regional Wins by Football, Baseball, Soccer, Track and Volleyball teams. We dedicate this show to the memory of Senior Jose "Chubby" Mejia who was lost to us last year in a car accident.
Winners: Student Choice: Love Comes in Many Sizes
Best Commercial: Athletes Soap for Real Men
Best Picture: A tie between "Finding Austin" and "Can't Stop the Feelin"


show team full

Makayla Nealy, Delaney Ingram, Jacob Mallory, Landon Mallo, Zoe Adams, Austin Lane, Jon Cantrell, Austin Russell, Luke Amburn, Brandon Jones, Jackie Mejia, Rosa Zavala, Cristian Gonzalez, Ish Morales, Olivia Moua, Brooke Price, Morgan Lanham, Melanyie Goines

team tech

Makayla Nealy, Delaney Ingram, Jacob Mallory, Landon Mallo, Zoe Adams, Austin Lane, Jon Cantrell, Austin Russell



winner 1

Student Choice Award: Love Comes in Many Sizes


winner 2

Best Commercial: Athletes Soap for Men


winner 3

Best Picture: Tied between "Finding Austin" and "Can't Stop the Feelin"


winner 3




15th Annual LHS Academy Awards Show - Fall 2018

(Click Here to watch this years films from the show on YouTube)

Congrats to this years winners of the 14th LHS Academy Awards Show

Carter Lombardi & Chloe Moats Best Picture for "Uptown Funk" Music Video

Dalton Green, Katie Smallen & Jon Cantrell Student Choice Award for "SWAT Recon"

Awards Show Crew with Hosts Jozlyn Hawkins, Dalton Green and David Green

Carter Lombardi, Chloe Moats, Katie Smallen, Dante Bruce, Kaleb Huffman, Eion Cannon & Isaac Rios


Best Picture: Chloe Moats and Carter Lombardi for "Uptown Funk"


Student Choice Award for "SWAT Recon" by Katie Smallen, Jon Cantrell, Damian Boston, and Dalton Green

Show Hosts David Green, Jozlyn Hawkins and Dalton Green




 Fall 2017
Congratulations to the Winners of this years 14th Annual Academy Awards!
The Show Crew from Advanced Digital Arts Class
Christina/Camera, Carter/Stage Assistant, Jersey/lights, Amanda/Host, Rodney/Host, Jaquelin/Awards Presenter, Garrett/Audio & Bre/Director
 Student Choice "30/30" by Rodney Jones with Aaron Crawford
Best Actress Amanda Dunker
Best Actor Jersey Magro
Best Picture "Halloween Movie" by Amanda Dunker
with Rodney Jones, Jersey Magro, Guy Lovelace, Autumn Packett, Bre Goodwin & Jaquelin Mejia
Thank you to everyone who helped make the show a huge success
Fall 2016
Congratulations on a GREAT SHOW! Proud of you all!
THANK YOU to everyone who made this the most memorable show EVER! Great job. Many thanks to all the extra helping hands from all over the school that made the show happen.
Here are the winners:
Best Picture "T Rob Commercial": Damian Lara and Diego Vega
Student Choice "T Rob Commercial": Damian Lara, Alex McBride and Diego Vega
Best Short Film "Alone Forever?"
by Krissi Reagan and Sam Smith
Best Commercial "Coca-Cola Brothers" by Marco Mejia and Francisco Aguilera
Best News Report "Redskin Aficionados" by Eion Cannon, Max Bennett & Rodney Jones