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Digital Art & Design

Last 4 days of school (May 15, 2023)



Turn in all Assignments that are past due.

Study the Audio Basics Guide posted above for the Final Exam

Review for the Final Exam

Take the Kahoot review on your own for Audio Basics to prepare for the Final Exam

Room Clean up



Last Day to turn in missing assignments

Sign forms

Take the Final Exam in Skyward

Room Clean up



1st Block final exam for anyone who did not take it on Tuesday.



6th Block final exam for anyone who did not take it on Tuesday.



Half Day. School is over. Have a great Summer!







Last full week of school


What to do t finish this week:


1. Turn in your podcast by sharing a link from you OneDrive in Office 365


2. Email 2 designs to Ms. Peterson for use in the print shop made in Canva.com


3. Review the Audio Basics PDF file at the top of the page. This is your final exam study guide


4. Watch these videos on how to use Cricut maker 3 the heat press and Rodcaster Mic check review


       • How to Heat Press a T-shirt


       • How to cut vinyl on the Circut maker 3


       • How to mic check on the Rodecaster Pro


5. Take the Kahoot review on your own for Audio Basics to prepare for the Final Exam


6. Weed and heat press a design in the Print Shop






Last assignment for the semester


Design something in Canva using the correct setup measurements for either a

T-shirt, Key Chain, coffee mug, drink Tumbler, Hat or Dog Tag to make in the print shop


Go to our website to see what we can make



You must make an original design. No copyright material allowed in your design.




Dimensions for Print shop layouts:

  • T-shirt Decal: 12 x 12 inches

  • Hat: 4 x 3 inches

  • License Plate: 6 x 12 inches

  • Dog Tag: 1.25 x 2.4 inches

  • Drink Tumblers: 9.3 x 7.9 inches

  • Coffee mug: 8.7 x 3.7 inches

  • Key chain round or square shape: 2 x 2 inches

  • Key chain heart shape: 2 x 2 inches

Heat Press Settings for Keychains
400 degrees
40 secs
Medium pressure
Drink Tumbler design dimensions
Coffee Mug design dimensions
LICENSE PLATE Design Dimensions
Heat Press Instructions for License Plates
Dog Tag Heat Press Settings
Mini basketball goal size 7" x 9" inches
Heat Press Settings










Welcome to Digital Art and Design Class

Please note the following guidelines and procedures for all classes


All lessons will be delivered through Canvas using iCEV online curriculum

and handouts for your notebooks


The majority of classwork will be on your personal laptops.

Make sure your laptop is charged and you have a power cord at all times.

Students will be expected to do homework and projects outside of class.


All supplemental resources used for all lessons are

listed below in the grid and in the syllabus


No cellphone are allowed to be out during class.

If you disregard this rule your phone will be taken

and sent to the principal during the 1st lunch block.

A parent will have to pick it up for you to get it back.



Digital Art & Design course descriptions


  • Digital Art & Design 1: This class is a 1 credit class and counts as a Fine Art credit. Lessons focus on the Foundations of Design and the Design Process. Industry standard software by Adobe Inc. is applied. Students study the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design and complete complex design projects. Students will learn how to use cameras, audio equipment, scanners and printers. Projects will focus on how to build graphics for t-shirt printing, poster printing, movie production and web design.

  • Digital Art & Design 2: Prerequisite for this class is DAD 1. Counts for 1 credit. This class focuses on advanced graphic design projects, sports portrait photography and news reporting. Lessons apply the same skills and principles as in DAD 1 but projects become more complex. Students will learn how to operate a design business, write contracts and identify roles the designer plays in the work environment.

  • Digital Art & Design 3: Prerequisite for this class is DAD 1 & 2. Counts for 1 credit. Students will earn their certification as an Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communications using Adobe Photoshop. Students will finish the class with a Web Design project or Broadcasting Team job.

  • Applied Arts Practicum (Service Learning): If you have taken DAD 1, 2 & 3 and want to return for more study in digital design you are eligible to sign up for this class. This is a Service Learning course offered in the spring during 2nd block. Talk with Ms. Peterson get permission to apply and learn more. 
Hosts: Isaac Chavez, Isabela Correa, Aaden Montooth Band: Jason Hughes, Brett Ewert, Wyatt Davis, Kendra Brown, Oliver Reyes, Brayden Kramer, Ben MacKintosh, Show Team: Nolan Bethel, Aaron Fink, Jenny Espinoza, Andrea Lopez, Alexandra Lopez, Giovanni Gonzalez, Andrew Campbell, Drew Schmieder, Autumn Vickers, Edan Akin, Haley Bartholomew.



1 inch Three Ring Binder


Graphing paper (hole punched)


Black Felt tip Pen


Mechanical Pencil


12" Clear Plastic Ruler





Licenses & Certifications:

  • Graphic Communication Endorsement (711)

  • K-12 Visual Art (243)

  • Certified Digital Designer

  • Certified Work-based Learning Teacher

  • Adobe Test Proctor