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Digital Art & Design

Weekly Message from the Teacher (8/4/21)

Welcome to DAD!

During the first 2 weeks of school you will study and be tested on Safety, Procedures and Communication

Use the link to the left on this page for your first set of lessons. Do each lesson in the order listed

When available watch the Slideshows and Videos 1st

All 2021-22 students watch this video before you come to your 1st class.
This is what we are all about, team effort!
Let's continue the legacy and make it a great year!

Class Rule #1

Be on time and put your Cellphone in the pouch by the door.


Daily Procedure #1

Check your email and Login to Canvas


Tech Tip #1

How to take a screen shot on an iMac.... Command > Shift > 3


Hold down the Command Key and the Shift Key together and click on the number 3 key

the image will automatically appear on the desktop with a time and date stamp in the file name.





SUPPLY LIST for All Digital Art Classes


Colleged ruled note paper

Black Felt tip Pen and Mechanical Pencil

12" Clear Plastic Ruler

DAD LESSONS & Grading Procedures

• Work on lessons in order
Quizzes & Tests are taken in Skyward and count as grades
• Projects graded from screen shots uploaded to a Portfolio
• Mid-term in Skyward Oct. 6-7
• Final Exam in Skyward Dec. 14-15
• All document file names must have your 3 initials and block number at the end of the file name for identification and grade credit (EX: filename_kap_1B.docx

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Resources for Design Projects

Digital Art & Design class sequence and descriptions


  • Digital Art & Design 1: This class focuses on the basics of Adobe software and applying the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design to design projects. Students will learn how to use cameras, audio equipment, scanners and printers. Projects will focus on how to build graphics and make slides and short films for websites content. DAD 1 counts as a Visual Art 1 credit for your graduation requirements.

  • Digital Art & Design 2: Prerequisite for this class is DAD 1. This class focuses on Video Production in the fall & Digital Photography in the spring. We apply the same skills and principles as in DAD 1 but projects become more complex. Students will be challenged to learn how the Advertising business is operated and the role the designer plays in that work environment.

  • Digital Art & Design 3: Prerequisite for this class is DAD 1 & 2. This is the 3rd class in the course and can be taken 2 times. Students will earn their certification as an Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communications using Adobe Photoshop. Students will finish the class with a Web Design project.

  • Digital Art & Design Practicum: If you have taken DAD 1, 2 & 3 and want to return for more study in digital design you are eligible to sign up for this class. This is a Work Based Learning class. Ask Ms. Peterson to learn more. You will be working either at a real job related to design or on a special assignment related to digital design. 
Best Picture:
Coach Roberts Tribute by Adolfo Nicolas
Best Short film:
Direct TV Commercial by Malachi Kelsay
Student Choice:
High School Musical by Sarah Hood & Saydey Griffin
Best Actor:
Jonah Davis
Best Actress:
Yareli Gonzalez
YouTube Videos by Digital Design Students




Class Registration Rules:

Students are not allowed to take two Digital Design classes during the same semester

Licenses & Certifications:

  • Graphic Communication Endorsement (711)

  • K-12 Visual Art (243)

  • Certified Digital Designer

  • Certified Kuder Specialist

  • Adobe Test Proctor