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Digital Art & Design

Congratulations to Zoe Adams
for her photo acceptance into the KMA 2020 Student Art Exhibition
The fine art display was virtual this year due to COVID restrictions
instead a video was shared featuring all the accepted work plus the winners

zoe adams



SUPPLY LIST for All Digital Art Classes

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Supplies everyone must have when school starts

Items that are recommended but not required

What order should you follow when signing up for Digital Art & Design classes?

Students must take design classes in this order.

  • Digital Art & Design 1: This class focuses on the basics of graphic design with a focus on the business of web design. DAD 1 counts as a Visual Art 1 credit for your graduation requirements.

  • Digital Art & Design 2: Prerequisite for this class is DAD 1. This class focuses on Video Production in the fall & Digital Photography in the spring.

  • Digital Art & Design 3: Prerequisite for this class is DAD 1 & 2. This is the 3rd class in the course and can be taken 2 times. Students will earn their certification as an Adobe Certified Associates in Visual Communications with Adobe Photoshop. Students will finish the class with self-guided projects based on a topic of interest to the student. Choices include Illustration, Video Production, Photography or Animation for Web Design.

  • Digital Art & Design Practicum: If you have taken DAD 1, 2 & 3 and want to return for more study in digital design you are eligible to sign up for this class. This is a Work Based Learning class. Ask Ms. Peterson to learn more. You will be working either at a real job related to design or on a special assignment related to digital design. 
Resources for Design Projects
YouTube Videos by Digital Design Students

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Check-in over the summer for updates and new video postings from Season 1
We will be back in July on Graduation Day and Season 2 will start in Mid-August with a new crew!
live stream


Class Registration Rules:

1.) Students are not allowed to take two Digital Design classes during the same semester

2.) Students must take design classes in the correct order. Digital Art & Design 1 is taken first. Photography and Video Production are 2nd and Digital Art & Design 3 is last. You can repeat DAD 3 if you are a concentrator in this subject.

Licenses & Certifications:

  • Graphic Communication Endorsement (711)

  • K-12 Visual Art (243)

  • Certified Digital Designer

  • Certified Kuder Specialist

  • Adobe Test Proctor