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Welcome to Culinary Arts

Supply List:
  • Pencils, Blue or Black pens (No other colors will be accepted.)
  • Notebook paper 
  • Medium to large 3 ring notebook to be used exclusively for Portfolio/cookbook
  • Dividers at least 10, may be purchased or handmade



In this class you will learn things that you will be able to use daily for the rest of your life. We will learn about professional cooking, but it can all be used at home daily.  You will learn how you can make your love of food and cooking a career. There is something that everyone can do in the food industry, we just have to discover where you fit.


I believe that all students can be successful if they want to be. I have adopted this quote from Michael Jordan. “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying.” I insist that students try, often we learn more from mistakes. I believe in giving every students opportunities to be successful, but they have to do their part!


Safety and sanitation is very important and students MUST show that they can conduct themselves safely in the kitchen. I insist that all our food is handled properly and that no one should be concerned about the cleanliness of any food that my students prepare. We will follow the Health Dept. requirements for working with food in restaurants.

If students give a good effort, keep their work done this will probably be their favorite class!


Mrs. Layman's Bio
I am glad you have decided to take Culinary Arts. My name is Teresa Layman and this is my 17th year as Loudon High School’s Culinary Arts teacher. I am also a graduate of Loudon High School. This is my 31st year teaching Culinary Arts. I began my teaching career at Rhea County High school and taught there for 10 years. I taught at the Loudon County Technology Center for 4 years before it closed and we were moved to Loudon High School.