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Leslie Smith » Introduction to Teaching as a Profession

Introduction to Teaching as a Profession

Introduction to Teaching a a Profession
Course Description 
Introduction to Teaching as a Profession is a foundational course in the Teaching as a Profession program of study for students interested in learning more about becoming a teacher, school counselor, trainer, librarian, or speech- language pathologist.  Upon completion of this course proficient students will gain knowledge in the history of education in the United States, careers in education an the influence of human development on learning.   Artifacts will be created for inclusion in a portfolio, which will continue throughout the full sequence of courses.

Supply List

School Year 2022-2023

Mrs. Smith

Kleenex (Optional)

1 ½” 3 – Ring Binder


 Blue or Black Pens


2 packages Loose leaf/filler paper

2 packages of binders dividers



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Leslie Smith
CTE- Teaching as A Profession Teacher /Work Based Learning Coordinator
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