Free Resources!

Youtube Videos!

1. Amoeba Sisters (Links to an external site.)- This is my FAVORITE! They explain all sorts of Biology facts- these videos are actually Biology teachers who make videos for each section!

2. Crash Course Biology (Links to an external site.)- This links to 40 videos from Crash Course! This is made by John and Hank Green (yes, John Green who wrote The Fault in Our Stars. Lots of good information here!

3. Scishow (Links to an external site.) - this channel has all sorts of strange and interesting Science youtube videos!

4. Crash Course Kids (Links to an external site.)- This set of videos is all about Ecology and the Ecosystems!


1. Khan Academy (Links to an external site.)- This is the EVERYTHING about Biology that Khan academy has! It can show you all sorts of things! We left off on Cellular Respiration on Photosynthesis!

2. Online Textbook! (Links to an external site.)- Don't forget about your textbook! You have access to all sorts of things on the textbook! Remember your log in is your full school email and your password is your normal skyward password.

3. IXL- Science (Links to an external site.)- This is not a completely free resource but it will let you play some before it asks you to log in(which you don't want to do) ! The best grades are 6th, 7th, and 8th because they cover more of our topics!


I will continue to update this as necessary! Remember- all your work is accessible on Canvas so, even though we are not assigning any work, you are more than welcome to begin your normal assignments on Canvas. I will still watch, grade, and open assignments during this time for you.